Users of Accordance Bible Software can create and save a wide variety of resources which can be accessed again and again. This website is a place where Accordance users can share with one another the resources they develop. Click the icons above to download User Bibles, User Tools, User Notes, Highlight files, diagrams, syntax charts, saved Accordance windows, automation tools, and graphics.

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Additional resources for German users are available here, courtesy of Johannes Otto.

DISCLAIMER: All the files available for download from this site are believed to be in the public domain or freely distributable for non-commercial purposes. We will gladly remove any files for which this proves not to be the case.

Installation notes: most of the files on this website are compressed. They need to be unzipped before usage. The resulting file will be a module (if it's in User tools, User Bibles or User Notes) or a highlights file (.hlt).
A module can be installed simply by double-clicking the module.

Accordance will automatically copy and install the module in the correct place. A saved workspace can be double-clicked to open, but can be kept anywhere. Ideally it should be in the Accordance File folder in your Documents folder. The highlights file must be installed into the Accordance Preferences folder (in the Preferences folder of your home Library).
Newly posted files:
02/11/22FlashCord File ConverterA droplet to produce text files for flashcard applications.Automation
01/04/22Devotional - Reading the Bble backwardsRead the Bible with fresh eyes for a year. Backwards.User Tools
12/28/21Charlesworth Pseudepigrapha WorkspaceAn example of a useful workspace using Charlesworth.Workspaces
11/30/21Accordance 13 Logo wallpapersWallpapers with the Accordance Logo.Graphics
11/30/21Accordance 13 Logo wallpapersWallpapers with the Accordance Logo (set 2).Graphics
02/15/21Chronological Reconstruction of the Qu'ranA chronological reconstruction of the Suras of the Qu'ran.Highlights
12/12/20Documentary Hypothesis HighlightsDocumentary Hypothesis highlights using Anderson-Forbes.Highlights
11/10/20Hebrew QuranHebrew translation of the QuranTools
07/24/20Orthodox Glossary Selected Glossary of Orthodox Christian Terms.Tools
06/06/20Denmo Seisho Bible A partial Japanese translation based on the W.E.B.Bibles
05/02/20URCNA Doctrinal StandardsDoctrinal Standards of the United Reformed ChurchUser Tools
23/01/20Understanding NT Greek Morphological CodingThe morphological coding scheme for MGV Hoffman’s Understanding NT Greek grammar.Highlights
23/01/20Toggle Off HighlightsToggle Off Highlights fileHighlights
11/06/19Accordance 13 wallpapersAccordance 13 desktop wallpapersGraphics
09/22/19Old Syriac Curetonian textOld Syriac Curetonian - Ewan Macleod's textBibles
01/03/19Kougo-yaku BibleKougo-yaku Bible - (corrected)Bibles
12/04/18Peshitta - Mingana Syriac 148 CodexPeshitta - Mingana Syriac 148 Codex (by Ewan McLeod)Bibles
12/02/18Peshitta - Mingana Syriac 148 Codex TranscriptionPeshitta - Mingana Syriac 148 Codex TranscriptionBibles
12/02/18Peshitta - Khabouris Codex TranscriptionPeshitta - Khabouris Codex TranscriptionBibles
12/02/18Peshitta - Houghton Codex TranscriptionPeshitta - Houghton Codex TranscriptionBibles
11/09/18How to Read the Holy Scriptures by Hieromonk Seraphim RoseHow to Read the Holy Scriptures by Hieromonk Seraphim RoseTools
10/16/189 Keys to Orthodox Christianity9 Keys to understanding Orthodox ChristianityTools
10/15/1855 Maxims for Christian Living55 Maxims for Christian Living by Fr. Thomas HopkoTools
07/28/18GNT Morph Color Tagging Morphological Color Coding for GNTHighlights
03/31/18Wallace SearchesAccordance Syntax Searches for Wallace's Greek Grammar Beyond the BasicsWorkspaces
02/24/18Open Acc links in AccordanceOpens Universal links into Accordance from within other appsAutomation
01/03/182018 Accordance Desktop WallpapersDesktop wallpaper for Macs, PCs and mobile devices.Graphics
NOTE: Most files are compressed as .zip.
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